Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nit de Montjuic

It amazes me still how a city can have something going on every weekend and many of these events or festivals being free to the public. This past weekend there were three different festivals going on at the same time in Barcelona. There were fiestas mayores de Raval, fiestas mayores de Poble Sec, and Nit de Montjuic. In Barcelona, during the summer, each neighborhood has a festival to celebrate their neighborhood. So this weekend, the neighborhoods of Raval and Poble Sec had their own parties. These neighborhood parties usually last from a weekend to a week long. There are bands playing, several stands that serve food and alcohol, and people celebrating all night long in the streets.
Nit de Montjuic was on Saturday night. It is an event where around 20 different bands play all in different parts of Montjuic (even the castle all the way up top and the olympic stadium) starting at 8pm and ending at 4am-- oh and all for free. It was one of my favorite events held in Barcelona, definitely exceeded my expectations. 
After visiting la fiesta del Raval for a little and seeing an amazing view of Barcelona from a hotel bar in Raval, we headed to Montjuic around 1200am. We went straight to the castle after walking to MNAC. We admired the views from the castle, heard a flamenco band inside the castle, and then walked outside to see hear and dance to amazing techno/dub step DJ's. We danced all night listening to fun music. I could have not asked for a better night!! 

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