Saturday, May 26, 2012


This past weekend was my younger brother's graduation from the University of Madison in Wisconsin. I had visited Jonney twice before, but every time I go to Wisco I like it a little more. Madison is a cute, small, college town filled with bars, restaurants, and people ready to have a good time. With it being graduation, the city was packed with people ready to celebrate the graduates! The whole weekend was great. We celebrated all weekend long with the family, going to nice dinners, going out to the bars, sitting in the sun at the lake, having a graduation celebration with all Jonney's close friends, and on Sunday we watched Jonney walk in his cap and gown to recieve his diploma. The weekend was filled with amazing food, lots of sun and humid heat, and spotted cow beer.  All of this made me nostalgic of my college days (I graduated just two years ago) and brought back good memories. We also went to the farmers market on Sunday at the Capitol of Madison, where we bought the famous spicy cheese bread--delicious. The food was incredible (good beer and cheese, who can complain right?). I'm so glad events like these bring everyone back together...such a great time.

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