Sunday, May 13, 2012

Valencia para Las Fallas

One of the many great things about Spain is their fiestas. I have been lucky enough to get to experience some of these famous traditional celebrations that occur every year like Carnaval, San Juan, Sant Jordi, San Fermin, etc. This year I went to Valencia to experience one day and night of Las Fallas. 

Las fallas is a festival that creates more than 500 huge displays (also called fallas) for the public. The fallas contain cartoon looking images called ninots, which are huge dolls made of cork and cardboard. They represent well-known people in a sarcastic tone (usually politicians). The city works very hard to make these all year. Once Las fallas begin there is a juror who chooses the best fallas and announce the winners during the week, before la crema (where all the fallas are burned) at the end. During the week there are various firework shows like "las mascletás" y "la pólvora". Throughout the streets there are food stands and restaurants, with the authentic paella (side note: The original paella comes from Valencia), tapas, churros, etc. It is a big party throughout the whole city with fireworks constantly going off in the streets. It was such an incredible fiesta, I loved seeing the fallas and picking my favorites, seeing pretty firework shows, as well as getting to eat paella and churros. Valencia was great to visit too. I had been there before, but this time I liked it a lot more. The weather was sunny and the city looked beautiful. We walked around the center most of the day and went to La Cuidad de las Artes y Ciencias.

La Cuidad de las Artes y Ciencias
                                                                       La Cuidad de las Artes y Ciencias 

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